Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mysterious tree

Mysterious tree

A strange looking tree near a graveyard. Never want to go near that tree ever again. I don't know why I always feel uncomfortable while looking at that picture. Some trees got evil powers or some places. I could easily recall it that I was feeling uncomfortable while photographing that tree. At that time, I felt like someone was watching over me from behind.But there was no one.


Bangchik said...

i does look a bit mysterious. i guess it has to look that way to safeguard the dwellers of the graveyard. ~bangchik

houmann2001 said...

I read about some lines going NW and SE, all over the world, and where they cross, strange things happen with trees, and other vegetation. I have seen many "scary" trees all over, and in some cases, You can actually draw an almost straight line from one to the other.


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