Saturday, October 31, 2009

Health benefits of eggplants

As you have noticed it by now that I have changed the template of my blog. I have done that before and why I always keep on changing the themes of my blog is mostly depends on my moods. I always in need for a change. Do tell me what do you think about this new template?

Now coming back to the post. Personally, I don't like eggplants much because for me they are almost tasteless. For some of you, they can be bitter in taste or its hard to cook them. But in-spite of all this, the good thing is that, they also have their benefits and can help in lowering the risk of coronary heart disease.

They are native to South Asia and known in South Asian countries as Brinjal or Bengan. They are available in markets throughout the season but their growing season is from August to October. This year we are growing them in our garden as they are nutritionally very important.

Some health benefits of brinjal or eggplants:

They are used as brain food because the skin of eggplant contains a phytonutrient called nasunin that helps protect the lipids in brain cell membranes. Cell membranes are almost entirely composed of lipids and are responsible for protecting the cell from free radicals, letting nutrients in and wastes out, and receiving instructions from messenger molecules that tell the cell which activities it should perform.

They are rich sources of phenolic compounds that function as antioxidants. It is believed, the phenolic acid in eggplant or brinjal is responsible for the eggplants slight bitter taste and browning that results when the flesh is cut. The antioxidant property can help prevent cancer, bacterial and viral infection.

They also reduce glucose levels of type II Diabetes.

They have a high source of dietary fibers, which is helpful for the proper functioning of the digestive system, and also acts against coronary heart disease.

I have that two variety of eggplants or brinjals (green apple eggplant and Asian eggplant) in my home garden which is easy to grow and cook.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My aquarium fishes

A couple of months ago we brought two gold fishes for our aquarium as it was desperately in need of some new fishes. Here they are ... living happily or rather wondering about the thing (cam) in my hand.

The plus point is that they always have such expressions when I was about to feed them or perhaps they know exactly about their feeding time.

While searching, I found a very interesting article about gold fish memories. They say goldfish have a far better memory than the three second memory myth. Read it here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The colourful flowers of Bougainvillea

...And the Bougainvillea magic begins...!

The evergreen colourful Bougainvillea flowers are in full bloom these days. And they should be as it is the best season of the year for them to grow. Though I found them blooming through out the year but not far as best as in this season. Usually they flower all year in warm climate and if pruned with care they showed much better result but in containers they requires less water to flower. Just give them a suitable place and they know how to climb all by themselves. There is not any medicinal and culinary uses of this plant but has only ornamental value.

In the last picture, there you can also see a nest hanging by its side which has been left abandoned by its inhabitants for almost three years by now. Yes, its a long way to go but we kept this nest in its place as it is because it gives this bougainvillea a very constant and admirable look. What do you think? huh


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