Monday, October 12, 2009

An illustration

As nowadays there is nothing good in my mind but just to study so I think its a perfect time for me to share things that are lost in my inbox for so long.

When I publish this post about the Book Cover 2 in August this year, I never realized that the author of the book would himself talk to me in person. After that, he send me this illustration of hummingbirds ( for my love for featuring birds and trees) which was part of an article in the NY Times on the naming of things, and why it has fallen by the wayside in modern times.

I am really thankful to him for sending me this illustration which no doubt proves to be a fascinating addition for my blog.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Walk into the light

Today's Quote:
"Go to a garden
And just stand in it.
Breathe in the air, the fragrances,
the light, the temperature,
the music of the different plants, insects, birds, worms,
caterpillars, grasshoppers, and butterflies.
Inhale the prana (cosmic energy) of all the abundantly
growing things.
Recharge your inner batteries.

This is the joy of natural meditation."

- Lama Surya Das, "Awakening to the Sacred," 1999

When I walk into my garden, I dare to see light reflecting through the pines at night.

Its kind of act like a meditation. It is as though my own soul must be bright invisible green.

"In this light, my spirit saw through all things and into all
creatures, and I recognized God in grass and plants."

-Jacob Boehme


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