Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Midsummer Sunny Flowers - Peruvian Daffodil

Peruvian Daffodil are mid summer flowers.These are white fragrant flowers with green stripes. They consists of 6 petals and a large cup with projecting stamens.

They are noteworthy for their intricate designs and fragrance.

They grow well in the month of July.

Last year, I found them in my home garden, and they got my attention, hiding among the other sweet smelling plants. And then I picked them up and placed them in the front row so everyone could see them in full bloom.

The reason why they are both known as " Peruvian daffodil" and "Spider lily" is because of the fact that their attractive, showy flowers resemble both daffodil and lilies so they are called by this reference.

Its a summer loving flower bud and they do well grown in pots and containers. This plant need a lot of care.

Some common names of this flower include
Spider Lily,
Basket Lily,
Summer Daffodil,
Sea Daffodil.

(Images by me, from my home garden)


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