Saturday, August 15, 2009

Book Cover 2

Master of The Jinn: A Sufi Novel

Irving Karchmar

Mystical adventure

This is my second post on book cover featuring nature and trees.
Its a tale set on the Path of the Heart, a beautifully written mystical adventure wherein a modern-day Sufi Master sends seven companions on a perilous quest for the greatest treasure of the ancient world - King Solomon's ring. The legendary seal ring is said to control the Jinn, those terrifying demons of living fire, and in seeking it the companions discover not only the truth of the Jinn, but also the path of Love and the infinite mercy of God.

You can purchased this book from here.

A mango tree and a sufi tale

A mango tree and grape vine (on left side) always go side to side. I am lucky to have a grape vine and a mango tree in my home garden. Mango tree has stopped producing flowers and fruits due to lack of some fertilizers but for birds, it is still a favourite spot.

Mango tree is originated in Indo Pak subcontinent. It fruits, and leaves are associated with fortune, peace and fertility.

Mango tree and a sufi tale.

Bulleh shah is a great sufi poet of Punjab. Inayat Shah is the master of Bulleh Shah. This story describes the first meeting of Bulleh Shah with his master.

It is said that even before coming in contact with Inayat Shah, Bulleh Shah used to do some spiritual practice, and had acquired certain miraculous powers.

When Bulleh Shah, the seeker, passed near the gardens of Inayat Shah, he saw fruit laden trees on both sides of the road. Shah Inayat was at that time the head gardener of the Shalimar gardens of Lahore. These gardens are Moghul gardens. Bullah Shah visited these gardens and as it was summer, he roamed in the mango-groves. Inayat Shah himself was engaged in planting onion seedlings.

It occurred to Bulleh Shah to test Inayat Shah of his spiritual power. Invoking the name of God, Bullah looked at the trees, and the fruit started falling on the ground. Inayat Shah looked back and saw that unripe mango fruit was falling from the trees without any reason.

Inayat shah immediately realized that it was due to the mischief played by the young man passing by. He looked towards Bulleh Shah and said,

"Well, young man, why have you brought down the unripe fruit from the trees?"

This is what Bulleh Shah wanted, to find an opportunity to talk to Inayat Shah. He went up to him and said,

"Sir, I neither climbed up the trees, nor did I throw any stones at the fruit, how could I tear it from the trees ?"

Inayat Shah cast a full glance at Bulleh Shah and said, "0, you are not only a thief, you are also being clever!

Inayat shah said: “You do not know how to pronounce properly the holy words and so you reduce their power”.

So saying he used the same invocation and all the mangoes in the gardens fell on the lovely lawns. Once again he repeated the same and the fruit went back on to the trees.

But the Inayat's glance was so penetrating that it touched Bullah's heart and he instantly fell at his feet.

Inayat Shah asked him his name and the purpose for coming to him. Bullah replied,

"Sir, my name is Bullah and I wish to know how I can realize God." Inayat Shah said,

"Why do you look down? Get up and look at me."

As soon as Bullah raised his head and looked at Inayat Shah, the Master again cast at him a full glance, laden with love, shaking him all through.

He said "0 Bullah, what problem is there in finding God ? It only needs to be uprooted from here and planted there." This was enough for Bulleh Shah. He got what he had wished for .


The mango

The life of Bulleh Shah

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pakistan 62nd birthday

Its 62nd birthday of Pakistan and on that day I just want to say
Khuda kare meri arze pak per utre
wo fasle gul jise andaisha zawal na ho
yahan jo phool khille,wo khilla rahe hamisha
yahan khizan ko guzarne ki bi majal na ho
Happy Independence day 2 all.
As I have mentioned earlier in the past post, the year2009 is designated as the Environment year. Its a monsoon season and all I want from you to plant some more trees.
We all know by now that Pakistan has set a new Guinness world record on 15 July by planting 5,41,176 trees in one day at Keti Bundar, Thatha in Sindh Province. It signifies our commitment to make Pakistan green and environment friendly. Its not only our national but religious duty to grow more trees and make Pakistan lush green.
Today, on independence day, I have a planted a plant for that occasion. Its a small wonderful looking Croton plant. They are grown primarily for their brightly coloured foliage.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life goes on

Welcome life
or struggle against it.
Life goes on.

Its good to see visitors in my blog though I am not blogging for a long while. Its just, it has to happen.
I just cut off from the cyber world.
But soon will come back,
on a regular basis.

Join the caraven,
or stand by the wayside.
Life goes on.

If you are a South Asian then you are well aware of the peepal tree, the tree of life and how friendly it is to our environment. There is a peepal tree some distances away from my home and its very sight is breath taking. And it should be because there is eagle's nest and a honey bee hive resting on some of its branches. Giving life to it and taking shelter from it.

Seeds sprout,
and new growth emerges.
Life goes on.

A little tree in a small pot is a wonderful idea. Small huge trees looks pretty. And this photo of bonsai peepal tree is prettier. Its fascinating. I like the way roots have shaped itself.Bonsai is an art of shrinking healthy trees into miniaturised dwarfs by growing them in containers.

Container-grown plants, including trees and many other kinds of plants, have a history stretching back at least to the early times of Egyptian culture. Pictorial records from around 4000 BC show trees growing in containers cut into rock. Pharaoh Ramesses III donated gardens consisting of potted olives, date palms, and other plants to hundreds of temples. Pre-Common-Era India used container-grown trees for medicine and food. The word penzai first appeared in writing in China.‘Bonsai’ is a Japanese pronunciation of the earlier Chinese term penzai.

I like this idea of dewarfing trees. Atleast in this way, I can bring my favourite peepal tree which is huge and mighty in my room as a bonsai tree for sure . No need to go outside for seeing it.

Step by step,
frm darkness to light,
Life goes on.

I found some websites of bonsai trees from India for your interest,
Bonsai India
A free site dedicated to fostering interest in bonsai in India.



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