Friday, January 23, 2009

Book Cover

Book: Sufi: Sufi: Expressions of the Mystic Quest (Art and Imagination)
Author: Laleh Bakhtiar
Theme: Art and imagination

While browsing I came to know about a book of Sufism and what inspired me most is this cover. Its a wonderful book cover displaying a tree and the way of life around it.

This book is about a beautifully illustrated introduction to Sufism, the mystic tradition of Islam and in this book, Laleh Bakhtiar brings to light the spiritual reality that underlies the forms and rhythms of the Islamic tradition.

Since my blog is about an esoteric study of trees in folklore, mythology and legend. So I think this book cover seems to be a perfect addition for my blog.
You can purchased this book from here.

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Yafiah said...

Dear Mania, thank you so much for linking to my Sufi Book Store.
You have a good blog here and I find it so essential that we all feel that close connection to the natural world and elements around us which have so much to teach when we listen


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