Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Agave angustifolia marginata

I don't know much about agaves. All I know is that don't go anywhere so close to them. Because they know very well how to defend themselves.
The name Agave is from Greek for "noble' because of their large bold structures and elegant look.
And last but not least, this young and fresh looking Agave marginata is from my home garden in Multan, and it can be used as a perfect plant for your garden, lawns etc.


Al said...


I love your thoughts and your blog.

Who are you?

mania said...

hi AL,
thanks for your comment and liking my blogbut you didnt tell anything about you and if you have any blog, please share.

I am Rabia and its my blog about gardening, trees, well nature as a whole.


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