Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Phobias !!!

Phobia is a Greek word and it can effect our day to day life a lot. Therefore in search of all phobias, to know about them, and for this purpose, I visited some sites and the first website that sound interesting to me is worth1000 and believe me, its really very worthy for giving it a try, it is informative too.

Phobia list is another very terrific site of the alphabetical list of all phobias and by browsing it, it appears to me that I am already suffering from all such phobias but thats not true in real life.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Lonely Tree

In the rain, stands a lonely tree
Alone, cold, and all by itself.

It has no memory of what birds have nested,
Or of the travellers, under it's shade who have rested.

Yet it knows, what season it is
And what loves, have come and gone.

The rain is full of ghosts tonight.

The tree bows to the strong winds,
It's branches more silent now, than ever before.

Inside the lonely tree, stirs a quiet pain
For the unforgotten memories.

The tree knows that the birds have gone
As the rain chases away the night.

The wise old tree also knows, in the morning,
They will be back, warbling.

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