Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lonely tree in a lonely place

My life is all like that... I am alone... again...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Poetry Work of Iqbal - 2


I went up to the ocean and, addressing a wave, said:
‘You’re always restless; tell me what is it that troubles you.
You have a million pearls enfolded in your garment’s skirt,
But do you, like me, have a heart – the only pearl that’s true ?
It squirmed, retreated from the shore, and uttered not a word.

I went up to the mountain and said, "O huge heap of stone!
Can you not hear the wailing of a heart in agony?
If in your stones there is a gem which is a drop of blood,
Then speak, O speak, to a sad soul that pines for company.
If it had breathed, it breathed no more, and uttered not a word.

I travelled long in upper space, approached the moon, and said:
"O ceaseless wanderer, is there any rest ordained for you?
Your radiance makes the whole world gleam white like a jasmine field.
But is your breast aglow with a live heart whose light shines through?"
She looked round at the starry crops, and uttered not a word.

Transcending sun and moon, I went up to the Throne of God.
"There’s not a thing," I said, "I can be friends with, not a thing.
Your world is heartless, while my dust is all of heart’s stuff made.
A pretty garden, but not the kind of place to make one sing."

He answered with the smile He wore, and uttered not a word.


Two more animals die at Karachi zoo

KARACHI, Jan 30: While the city district government remains reluctant to make public the findings of its slow-moving inquiry into the death of 12 spotted deer, two more animals -- a male nilgai and a female red deer -- have died during the past three weeks at the Karachi zoo.

The mortality figure at the zoo has risen to 20 animals, including a female Bengal tiger, over the past four months.

This is the third and the second death among the nilgai and red deer, respectively, in recent months.

The nilgai had reportedly remained unwell for many weeks before it succumbed to tuberculosis. In the deer’s case, it is said to have swallowed a polythene bag and died of prolonged constipation.

“After these deaths, the number of nilgai and red deer has reduced to 10 and four, respectively,”
a zoo source said, adding that polythene litter posed a serious threat to animals, especially deer, and had claimed many animal lives over the years. He also said that one of the reasons of reduced population of red deer was that the Safari Park and the zoo had not exchanged animals since the former became an independent entity about two years ago.

Sources said that the death toll at the city zoo continued to mount because the city government had not taken any concrete steps to address the issues affecting the wellbeing of animals.

Although the inquiry initiated about two months ago into the death of 12 spotted deer identified the cause of deaths, it neither fixed responsibility in the case nor did it mention the precise source of infection.

“A blood parasite, trypanosomiasis, was declared as the cause of animals’ death. The report didn’t mention the source of infection. Nor did it hold anybody responsible for the deaths. However, it pointed out that the delay in the diagnosis of the disease and treatment took place because the blood samples were mistakenly tested for human infections at a private laboratory,”
a source said, adding that the report, which had been submitted to the district coordination officer, suggested a number of measures to prevent the outbreak of such infections in future.

The suggestions included appointments of more vets and staff, regular vaccination and examination of animals besides allocation of more funds for the zoo’s upgrade and maintenance.

So far, the city government has only managed to vaccinate animals.

“All animals, big and small, were vaccinated some weeks ago for the first time in a decade. Earlier, only problematic animals were vaccinated,”
a source said. About the practice of giving goose meat to one of the male Bengal tigers, he said that had been stopped after the zoo administration decided to offer ‘fresh’ chicken meat to the ailing beast.


KARACHI: Two more animals die at Karachi zoo/ Dawn

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Poetry of Iqbal

"Life keeps expressing itself in new ways:

Content with one fixed form it never stays.

You have no spark in you if your today

Is just a copy of your yesterdays."


Tea Quote

"I am in no way interested in immortality / But only in the taste of tea".

— Lu Tung, Tang Dynasty Poet

Moon Ducks

Love to share it here, its such a beautiful picture that I cant stop sharing it. May God bless you all.


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