Monday, March 17, 2008

Fish photography

I have a fish aquarium in my home and keeping a fish aquarium in my home is a good time pass activity for me. Its a wonderful sight too.
For me, fish photography is the most difficult thing in the world as fishes are so fast in their movements, I simply can't take the best shot but I keep on trying. All I assume is that, the most important thing for any fish photographer is patience. Be it then. Light plays another important role in fish photography and this is the thing that I still haven't figure it out.

On my search on internet for useful tips, I found a helpful guideline on fish photography. The site name is Fishfriend. So far, the information appears useful to me. Its about basic guide for taking fish photography. I am still practicing my best. Red colour is more in my pics, it fascinates me a lot.

The above images are taken by me. This is my little effort. Do tell me how do you like it?


Hanne said...

Yes, taking pictures of fish are the most darned thing ;) The lighting is bad and they move too fast, but they are so pretty!

Perhaps u like this photo:

Take care!

mania said...

Hey Hanne, welcome to my blog!

Yes, you are right the lightning is bad in these photos of mine. Also, the tank was pretty uncleaned at that time.

The best thing about the photo you shared, is the colours of these fishes that gives vibrant look to your photo.I like it.

Thanks for your visit and for the comment as well.

You also take care :)


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